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All that cheek pinching and enthusiastic kissing was too much for them, but they have come to see beyond that and appreciate how much my family loves them. Cite This Page Choose citation style: Of course, once I read his book, I became an even bigger fan. This was a non profit organization with no budget, so I bought my own plane ticket, thinking that the high volume book sales would more than make up for my expense.

We sold two copies of Funny in Farsi. I never intended to write a funny book. This is a sad story.

Funny in Farsi

If so, do you know what the reaction has been. I have always believed that there are far more good people in this world than bad ones and that most people want to be reminded of our shared humanity rather than our differences.

Is Funny in Farsi available in Iran. Since arriving in the U. And I helped them put the copies of Funny in Farsi back in the boxes.

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They feel honored and privileged 2. Definitely not enough Mylanta in the world for that conversation. I never felt that I was funny, because compared to him few people are. One of the biggest problems I have faced as an Iranian in America is that no one knows much about Iran except what is on the evening news.

However, following the Iranian Revolution, he fled to America. These early misadventures have other positive consequences for Firoozeh. It was also my writing spot.

Funny in Farsi

How does he characterize Einstein. Firoozeh is very close with many of her family members, and the same could be said for Kazem. Suspicions about Persians also spread around France, and Firoozeh is called in by French authorities, who bring her in for questioning.

So I found my own translator in Iran. To be notified when we launch a full study guide, please contact us. There are parts of me that are Iranian and parts of me that are American. Of course, once I read his book, I became an even bigger fan. I was invited as a keynote speaker to an event where I was told there would be five thousand junior high kids.

I had arranged with a bookseller to bring six hundred books. If so, do you know what the reaction has been. I have spoken in churches, Jewish temples, Islamic centers, and schools. Recommended for public libraries.

Even before leaving Iran, Firoozeh had envisioned America as a kind of magical place where she and her family would be free of the problems they were accustomed to while living in Iran.

Adult readers tend to invite me to their home. Politics has grossly overshadowed humanity in the Middle East and I wanted to write a book that would shine the light on humanity.

The book has not yet reached the bookstores, so I have no idea how people will react. Their cultures were also very different. Abadan no longer exists as I know it, because it was heavily bombed during the Iran-Iraq war.


"Funny in Farsi" is a collection of chronological anecdotes, often very amusing, about the author, her family, and their transition to life in America. Bicycle touring accounts often mention the incredible hospitality of the Iranian people/5(). Funny in Farsi Review. Let us write you a custom essay sample on.

Funny in Farsi Review. For Only $/page. ORDER NOW. Timeline of Story 1. Author’s age when she came to America 2. Returned to Iran 3. Returned to America again 4. Reason for coming to America. 1. She came at age 7 2.

Went back 2 years after (9 years old). Funny in Farsi Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for Funny in Farsi is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

This lighthearted memoir chronicles the author's move from Iran to America in at age seven, the antics of her extended family and her eventual marriage to a Frenchman. Funny in Farsi: Book Review the first alliterative words of the title, Funny in Farsi establishes a hilarious tone, which continues throughout each chapter of the memoir.

Firoozeh Dumas began to. FUNNY IN FARSI. A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America. by Firoozeh Dumas. BUY NOW FROM InDumas’s father, an employee of the Iranian National Oil Company, which had landed a two-year consulting contract with an American firm, came to the US and brought along the entire family.

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Review of funny in farsi by
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Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America by Firoozeh Dumas