Network security audit case study

The flexibility of the AWS solution enables the Bollywood moviemaker to develop applications on multiple platforms and programming models including Java, PHP. At that point, the organization then decided to move its entire environment to AWS.

Using open source scripts and tools, as well as in-house developed tools and a manual process, the dynamic web sites were checked for web application vulnerabilities. In fact, the attacker did not have time to do anything other than place the back door, so the typical damage, expense and down time of a break in was avoided due to the quick identification of the incident.

Risk Assessment A mid-size medical product manufacturer was concerned about the security of a new device. Identifying And Exploiting Vulnerabilities Mail relay variants were attempted on the mail servers with no success.

As further proof that the vulnerability actually existed Customer B requested Beyond Security staff to use it to penetrate the server in order to show the magnitude of the problem.

The ISO, together with other staff with appropriate knowledge, were interviewed to gain an understanding of the setup of the network, servers and LAN. These identified that one of the FTP servers allowed anonymous access, and that some of the web servers had not been locked down and had services that may be vulnerable to remote command execution.

The issues were graded into the following risk levels: They commissioned Dionach to carry out an external penetration test and supplied Dionach with the external IP address range to be tested.

Common problems were discovered, the most serious of which was that some of the pages on the web sites were vulnerable to SQL injection that allowed arbitrary SQL statements to be executed and also commands on the server itself, giving full control of the server.

Delete roles that are not in use. There then followed the technical part of the report, which detailed: The customer contacted their web security company and asked them to fix this security hole immediately, which was previously unknown to the vendor.

Remove security groups that no longer meet your needs. They also categorized production and development servers and automated the process of shutting down development servers during non-business hours. Learn how the RSA NetWitness Platform can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your analysts and incident responders.

Fortify your information systems, applications, and network infrastructure Comply with regulatory requirements.

Network Detection and Response

The vulnerability was not discovered during the penetration testing, done just weeks before we scanned, because the test performed was obsolete at the time it was done and did not include the most current attack modes. You can then use the Amazon Cognito credentials provider to manage credentials that your app uses to make requests to AWS.

The surrounding network was enumerated, showing that the host was in a DMZ with access to other hosts. These scans were carried out using two different tools and undertaken slowly to both keep scanning traffic at near zero, and evade any intrusion detection or prevention systems that may be in place.

They are local, friendly and always ready to help.

AWS Security Audit Guidelines

More in-depth scans were also carried out three times over the course of the week of the test. The fleet tolling system comprises a secure on-board unit for vehicles and a secure web transaction gateway to collect road user charges and provide value-added services such as fleet and fuel management, messaging and off-road reports.

Background The organisation carries out much of its business online and felt that an independent view of their internal and external network security was required and selected Dionach to carry out both an external penetration test to assess perimeter security, and an on-site network audit to assess internal security.

Soon after starting the scans a security vulnerability was identified, but not corrected by the ISP. Expanding into Australia and North America soon outstripped hardware capacity and prompted the company to review its infrastructure options.

Four of the service banners disclosed internal computer names or private IP addresses. The external audit of information systems is frequently a part of the overall external auditing performed by a Certified Public Accountant CPA firm.

As a result, the audit team created snapshots, which they stored on Amazon S3, and then deleted the volumes. Your audit team are quiet achievers, getting on with the job and able to relate well to me and my Finance team. The company began to grow rapidly, but as more internal teams started using AWS, its monthly costs also grew.

EROAD uses Amazon VPC helps to control all elements of its virtual network, including placing its internal databases and application servers in private subnets not accessible from the internet. It focuses on issues like operations, data, integrity, software applications, security, privacy, budgets and expenditures, cost control, and productivity.

The check identified a number of unused or underutilized EBS volumes that were often leftover from previous test projects.

Background The client had most of their web servers at a single office and wished to understand their current level of external risk. Report At the end of the on-site process, the lead auditor held a meeting with the ISO to provide an initial oral report of findings.

The cost savings allowed Hungama to focus its engineering resources on getting products and services to market more quickly.

Features Patented Parsing and Indexing Technology Dynamically parses and enriches network data at capture time, creating sessionized metadata that dramatically accelerates alerting and analysis.

Further detail and recommendations were provided in the rest of the report. A commercial web server vulnerability scanning tool and an open source vulnerability scanning tool were used to check for potential vulnerabilities on the relevant host services. Will the organization's computer systems be available for the business at all times when required?.

When it comes to IT security investigations, regular audit, log review and monitoring make getting to the root of a breach possible. Here you will learn best practices for leveraging logs. A network security audit is a process for evaluating the effectiveness of a network's security measures against a known set of criteria.

These audits typically look at a number of things that include. the automobile model being targeted and has the technical skill to reverse engineer the appropriate subsystems and protocols (or is able to purchase such information from.

AWS Security Audit Guidelines. You should periodically audit your security configuration to make sure it meets your current business needs. Feb 07,  · In Marchan attack known as an SQL injection was used to install spyware on Heartland Payment Systems’ network, exposing million credit and debit cards.

The vulnerability to. Computer security training, certification and free resources. We specialize in computer/network security, digital forensics, application security and IT audit.

Network security audit case study
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