Narco analysis and brain fingerprinting critical review

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Our articles are supposed to reflect the consensus of reliable independent secondary sources. I appreciate your commitment to valid, proven science and to accurate information.

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Gates of Vienna has moved to a new address. BRAIN FINGERPRINTING TECHNOLOGY Mandar Ghate Department Of Computers, Padmabhushan Vasantdada Patil Pratisthans College Of Engineering [email protected] Abstract— Brain fingerprinting is a new computer-based technology to identify the perpetrator of a crime accurately and scientifically by measuring brain-wave responses to crime-relevant words or pictures presented on a.

Description. Narcoanalysis, Polygraphy and Brain-Fingerprinting, generally known as lie detector tests, have recently been under scanner and debate among professionals, scientists, legalmen and the civil society as to the genuineness and reliability of these tests.

Parmar P. Reconstruction of crime – A review. IAIM, ; 2(10): understanding of science, recognition of evidences, and application of critical thinking with logic.

Key words Crime, Reconstruction, Scientific method, Evidence, Ethics. Recent scientific approaches like narco analysis, lie detection, brain fingerprinting etc. In this case it was held that subjecting the accused to narco analysis, DNA profiling, polygraph and brain fingerprinting, without his or her consent, is violative of Article 20(3) .

Narco analysis and brain fingerprinting critical review
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