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History[ edit ] Barrel racing originally developed as an event for women,[ citation needed ] while the men roped or rode bulls and broncs.

Modern barrel racing horses not only need to be fast, but also strong, agile, and intelligent. Leather reins are also widely used. Competitors in the National Barrel Racing Association NBRA are required to wear a western long-sleeved shirt tucked inwestern cut pants or jeans, western hat, and boots.

July 15 - Sat. The WPRA was developed in by a group of women from Texas who were looking to make a home for themselves and women in general in the sport of rodeo.

A horse can go from having no gastric irritation to having ulcers in as little as 5 days. Contestants are also responsible for traveling companions and their family members.

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In barrel racing the purpose is to run the pattern as fast as possible. Touching a barrel, including keeping it from falling, is permitted without penalty. It is required that the arena is "worked" after twelve contestants have run and before slack. Now the horse and rider will go around the barrel in the opposite direction, following exactly the same procedure and switching to the opposite limbs.

A horse that is able to "hug the barrels" as well as maneuver the course quickly and accurately follow commands, will be a horse with consistently low times. In barrel racing the purpose is to run the pattern as fast as possible.

Each turn in barrel racing should be a relatively even half circle around the barrel. While breeding plays a huge role in the sale price of a horse, athletic ability, intelligence, drive, and willingness to please also "make or break" the sale of a horse.

The WPRA is divided into 12 divisional circuits. Vendor forms are available at www.

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It consisted of only 74 members, with as few as 60 approved tour events. July 18 - Sat. These reins are also adjustable, making them an ideal choice for competitors of all sizes. Precise control is required to win. A minimum of 30 feet between the time line and the first barrel. Remember the three official calls come from the Gate Man not the Announcer.

Riders enter at the red line, circle around the 1st barrel, proceed to the 2nd barrel, and then continue on to the 3rd where they will complete the pattern and finally exit the course crossing the red line a second time.

From the finish of the third barrel turn, the horse and rider have a straight shot back down the center of the arena, which means they must stay between the two other barrels.

Any horse or contestant deemed to be dangerous by the management of Elite Barrel Racing Productions will be disqualified and entry fees will not be refunded. The gate man will enforce these rules implicitly. Barrel racers in competition at the professional level must pay attention to detail while maneuvering at high speeds.

The Billings Barrel Racing Series was organized in by a group of women interested in the sport of barrel racing. The mission of the organization continues today. The Women's Professional Rodeo Association is the oldest standing women's professional association and home to World Championship Barrel Racing.

ABOUT US: Elite Barrel Racing is owned by Heart O' Texas Fair & Rodeo. Our event formula allows barrel racers of all levels to compete in a professional environment and have a chance to run at big money payouts and prizes equally. Barrel racing is a rodeo event in which a horse and rider attempt to complete a cloverleaf pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time.

Though both boys and girls compete at the youth level, in collegiate and professional ranks, it is a rodeo event for women. It combines the horse's athletic ability and the horsemanship skills of a rider in order to safely and successfully maneuver a.

Barrel racing is a special event in the rodeo world. Discover the basics of barrel racing, including patterns, scoring, and governing bodies.

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Barrel racing
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