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Production[ edit ] The series was developed chiefly by Tom Hanks and Erik Jendresenwho spent months detailing the plot outline and individual episodes.

Again, HBO appears to have used the existing eleven-minute soldier video guide to populate this feature. Their were a few slip ups, due mostly to conflicting accounts, but they are insignificant, and do not detract from the magnificence of this show.

The interviews are one of my favorite parts of the series, as you can here the real heroes tell their story. Along the way they witness the battle of Arnhem, the battle of the Bulge, and the liberation of the death camps.

Viewers will draw different messages about war and its purpose, since the series shows heroism, sacrifice, and the grief and psychological damage war does to soldiers. Ambrose isn't some hack writer in the pay of the US government: Makes sense, as this is a mostly true story.

And therein lies the strange little Catch at the heart of the Band Of Brothers debate. After watching it for the first time years ago, I was astonished at the quality of the series. Additionally, the closing moments of chapter 10 'Points', directed by Mikael Salomon are truly heartbreaking. Directional effects seemingly come out of nowhere as voices shoot across the sound field and various vehicles come to a stop on either the right or left side of the screen.

Whipped into a lather by the Daily Mail, a handful of war veterans condemned the series as "an absolute disgrace and an insult to the millions of brave Britons who helped win the war" - without the benefit of having actually seen any of it, of course.

Carwood Lipton - Donnie Wahlberg Want to read more articles like this one. Sign in to vote. Band Of Brothers treads familiar territory. David Schwimmer bites viciously into the role of Herbert Sobel, a tough officer hated by everyone in Easy Company; his aggressive though not entirely necessary training regimen is what ultimately makes the men of Easy Company what they are.

The visual sweep of dozens of planes and countless parachutes filling the night air is achieved through extensive CGI effects, and there are times, in Episode 2 especially, when one has the impression of watching an animated film.

Just that there is a different look to the action. Perhaps his growing links with Britain he was knighted in the New Year's Honours list will incline him more towards British material, but it's unlikely that a company as vast as DreamWorks would invest in a project of little interest to the US market.

Carwood Lipton, who maintained the morale of his fellow soldiers, even when the odds seemed stacked against them. As long as we keep taking Hollywood's dollar, we have the chance to make our own films as well as theirs, to tell stories from a uniquely British perspective.

Positive Messages Military authority is sometimes shown to be capricious and uncaring. There have been many great war films, and any number that have vividly evoked the tension, tragedy and terror of battle. And, as the old saying goes, every penny is up there on the screen.

Each disc contains two episodes the sixth disc holds most of the extras. It is possible to manually move from marker to marker using the right arrow key.

We're in this together

Many of his co-stars are British; conversely, Tom Hanks puts in a brief appearance as "British officer". What we don't do - what producers choose not to do - is make war movies. Subsequent releases have done nothing to redress the balance; the much-criticised U surprised British audiences by suggesting that the American navy captured the German Enigma ma chine that led to the successful cracking of the code at Bletchley Park.

Stay up to date on new reviews. Language Lots of salty talk from the men in uniform, with "f--k" and "s--t" prominent as well as hell and damn. Randleman was the subject of the fourth episode, "Replacements", which featured his escape from a German-occupied village in the Netherlands.

It would take a brave and probably independent film-maker to say that the Brits were the real heroes of the war. Am I saying DNR was absolutely applied here.

Was this review helpful?. Band of Brothers isn't a great work. It is above all an act of tribute, and perhaps that prevents it from possessing the independence of the greatest films about war.

But it is an honorable project, and one of the definitive film treatments of World War II. Band of Brothers may be the best film ever made to show the everlasting bond forged in war between ordinary men.

August 14, Audience Reviews for Band of Brothers: Season 1. Band of Brothers is an immense achievement, raising the bar for combat realism.

But to the end, it's hobbled by its noble disinclination to play the Hollywood game.


Equal parts heroism and horror in WWII miniseries. Read Common Sense Media's Band of Brothers review, age rating, and parents guide.

"Band of Brothers" is a triumph on every concievable level. From acting to directing to cinematography to scripting, it is a brilliant, engrossing, and captivating saga. This is the new benchmark that all war epics should be judged by. Band of Brothers tells a deep story of real members of the st Airborne Division, and This is hands down the best series i've ever seen.

Band of Brothers tells a deep story of real members of the st Airborne Division, and trust me%.

Band of brothers film review
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Band of Brothers Movie Review